These terms and conditions exist to protect the intergrity of the program. If you are found to be cheating us, or breaking any of the following terms, you will be terminated from the program WITHOUT NOTICE!

  • 1. Only one account is allowed per person, company or organization.
  • 2. ExitForCash.Com is operated by Waveflow Inc., located in Ontario, Canada.
  • 3. We will pay .3 cents ($.003) for each unique exposure of our exit console.
  • 4. The ExitForCash.Com console must open ON TOP your page, and no other consoles or browsers can open at the same time. The exit console must open in a FULL browser window, it must be scollable, closeable, and contain all the standard buttons. You may not open a console on top of our page once our console is opened. You cannot launch our console from within another console. That is, our exit console cannot be within your entry or exit console.
  • 5. You cannot warn your surfers of an existance of an exit console on your page.
  • 6. Payments are mailed each month for the accumulated clicks from the preceeding month. You will only be sent a check if your account balance is at least $50.00. Payment will be carried over from month to month until your account has accrued at least $50.00. Payments are sent by the 10th of the following month. (Example: payments for August traffic are sent by September 10th).
  • 7. You must be of legal age to promote ExitForCash.Com.
  • 8. All console exposures you send to us must come from a webpage. We DO NOT allow newsgroup, email, chatroom, or instant messaging spamming. You cannot send hits from a non-adult free host (eg. Geocities, Tripod, Angelfire). All websites must be in the English language. All websites must be "straight" sex oriented; no gay websites.
  • 9. We do not support any website engaged in or promoting the following; child pornography, beastiality, password trading, warez, or hacking sites, and therefore will not pay for any hits received from those sites.
  • 10. We do not pay for hits from "circle jerk" sites. (ie organized, scripted, multiple console sites). If you're not sure about your site, ask first!.
  • 11. We reserve the right to cancel this program at any time, without prior notification. In such cases you will be notified immediately and paid for ALL accumulated clicks.
  • 12. We reserve the right to change the payout rate with 3 days notice.
  • 13. All funds are paid by check in U.S. funds.
  • 14. We reserve the right to cancel any account at any time with full payment.
  • 15. We do not allow webmasters from any of the following countries to advertise; any part of the former Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, Pakistan, Romania, Czech Republic, Poland, Malaysia, Vietnam, Korea, Hungary, Thailand, China, Bulgaria, Taiwan, Turkey, Iraq, Iran or Afghanistan.

    Any questions regarding these terms and conditions, or any linking arrangements should be sent to: efc_info@exitforcash.com